lavamanos de hormigón

lavamanos hormigon, can fisher

restaurant "Can Fisher"

Concrete sink with 3 taps with custom pine legs. The concrete has a polyurethane finish.

lavamanos de hormigón

flat in the "Raval"

Private apartment in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona. The concrete sink is suspended by steel angles on the wall.
Project of nook architects

flat in the "Raval 02

Concrete sink, formwork and cast in place. Polished terrazzo countertop surface.
Project of nook architects

2 concrete sinks for "Caporal"

round sinks for a bar sink in the Gothic neighbourhood of Barcelona.
Project of PPT interiorismo

concrete sink in Maria's house

Concrete sink with a single inclined plane and the drain hidden under a concrete slab.

sink for the Poblenou cemetery

Concrete sinks for the public toilets of the Poblenou cemetery in Barcelona.